Human Sexuality 4th edition by Hock Solution Manual

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Help each student develop a sexual philosophy based on choice, awareness, and responsibility
Human Sexuality presents a relatable overview of the discipline that inspires students to think critically about the sexual world and their place in it. By taking an interpersonal approach and encouraging each student to develop a personal sexual philosophy, author Roger Hock helps students connect the material covered to their real-life decisions and behaviors, boosting engagement with the course. Sensitivity to diverse groups – not only in terms of race and ethnicity, but also in terms of sexual orientation, age, sexual knowledge, and sexual experience – allows all students to feel as comfortable and open about sexual topics as possible. The Fourth Edition includes updated data as well as coverage of contemporary issues that dominate today’s headlines to ensure currency and relevancy.

Human Sexuality 4th edition by Hock Solution Manual

Human Sexuality 4th edition by Hock Solution Manual

Table of content:

1. Studying Human Sexuality
2. Sexual Anatomy
3. The Physiology of Sexual Response
4. Intimate Relationships
5. Contraception: Planning and Preventing
6. Sexual Behaviors: Experiencing Sexual Pleasure
7. Sexual Problems and Solutions
8. Sexually Transmitted Infections/Diseases
9. Conception, Pregnancy, and Birth
10. Gender: Expectations, Roles, and Behaviors
11. Sexual Orientation
12. Sexual Development Throughout Life
13. Sexual Aggression and Violence: Rape, Child Sexual Abuse, and Sexual Harassment
14. Paraphilic Disorders: Atypical Sexual Behaviors
15. The Sexual Marketplace: Prostitution and Pornography

Product Details:

Language: English
ISBN-10: 013400356X
ISBN-13: 978-0134003566
ISBN-13: 9780134003566

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