Intermediate Algebra for College Students 7th edition by Blitzer Test Bank

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Gets them engaged. Keeps them engaged.

Bob Blitzer’s use of realistic applications instantly piques students’ curiosity about the presence of mathematical concepts in the world around them. These applications are apparent throughout the entire program–from his relatable examples, friendly writing style, and thought-provoking features in the textbook, to the enhanced digital resources in the MyMathLab course. Blitzer pulls from topics that are relevant to college students, often from pop culture and everyday life, to ensure that students will actually use their learning resources to achieve success. With an expansion of the series to now include a Developmental Math “all-in-one” text  (with content spanning prealgebra through intermediate algebra), and with an enhanced media program accompanying this revision, developmental students at all levels will see how math applies to their daily lives and culture.

Intermediate Algebra for College Students 7th edition by Blitzer Test Bank

Intermediate Algebra for College Students 7th edition by Blitzer Test Bank

Also available with MyMathLab

MyMathLab® is an online homework, tutorial, and assessment program designed to work with this text to engage students and improve results. Within its structured environment, students practice what they learn, test their understanding, and pursue a personalized study plan that helps them absorb course material and understand difficult concepts.

Table of content:

1. Algebra, Mathematical Models, and Problem Solving
1.1 Algebraic Expressions, Real Numbers, and Interval Notation
1.2 Operations with Real Numbers and Simplifying Algebraic Expressions
1.3 Graphing Equations
1.4 Solving Linear Equations
Mid-Chapter Check Point
1.5 Problem Solving and Using Formulas
1.6 Properties of Integral Exponents
1.7 Scientific Notation
2. Functions and Linear Functions
2.1 Introduction to Functions
2.2 Graphs of Functions
2.3 The Algebra of Functions
Mid-Chapter Check Point
2.4 Linear Functions and Slope
2.5 The Point-Slope Form of the Equation of a Line
3. Systems of Linear Equations
3.1 Systems of Linear Equations in Two Variables
3.2 Problem Solving and Business Applications Using Systems of Equations
3.3 Systems of Linear Equations in Three Variables
Mid-Chapter Check Point
3.4 Matrix Solutions to Linear Systems
3.5 Determinants and Cramer’s Rule
4. Inequalities and Problem Solving
4.1 Solving Linear Inequalities
4.2 Compound Inequalities
4.3 Equations and Inequalities Involving Absolute Value
Mid-Chapter Check Point
4.4 Linear Inequalities in Two Variables
4.5 Linear Programming
5. Polynomials, Polynomial Functions, and Factoring
5.1 Introduction to Polynomials and Polynomial Functions
5.2 Multiplication of Polynomials
5.3 Greatest Common Factors and Factoring by Grouping
5.4 Factoring Trinomials
Mid-Chapter Check Point
5.5 Factoring Special Forms
5.6 A General Factoring Strategy
5.7 Polynomial Equations and Their Applications
6. Rational Expressions, Functions, and Equations
6.1 Rational Expressions and Functions; Multiplying and Dividing
6.2 Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions
6.3 Complex Rational Expressions
6.4 Division of Polynomials
Mid-Chapter Check Point
6.5 Synthetic Division and the Remainder Theorem
6.6 Rational Equations
6.7 Formulas and Applications of Rational Equations
6.8 Modeling Using Variation
7. Radicals, Radical Functions, and Rational Exponents
7.1 Radical Expressions and Functions
7.2 Rational Exponents
7.3 Multiplying and Simplifying Radical Expressions
7.4 Adding, Subtracting, and Dividing Radical Expressions
Mid-Chapter Check Point
7.5 Multiplying with More Than One Term and Rationalizing Denominators
7.6 Radical Equations
7.7 Complex Numbers
8. Quadratic Equations and Functions
8.1 The Square Root Property and Completing the Square
8.2 The Quadratic Formula
8.3 Quadratic Functions and Their Graphs
Mid-Chapter Check Point
8.4 Equations Quadratic in Form
8.5 Polynomial and Rational Inequalities
9. Exponents and Logarithmic Functions
9.1 Exponential Functions
9.2 Composite and Inverse Functions
9.3 Logarithmic Functions
9.4 Properties of Logarithms
Mid-Chapter Check Point
9.5 Exponential and Logarithmic Equations
9.6 Exponential Growth and Decay; Modeling Data
10. Conic Sections and Systems of Nonlinear Equations
10.1 Distance and Midpoint Formulas; Circles
10.2 The Ellipse
10.3 The Hyperbola
Mid-Chapter Check Point
10.4 The Parabola; Identifying Conic Sections
10.5 Systems of Nonlinear Equations in Two Variables
11. Sequences, Series, and the Binomial Theorem
11.1 Sequences and Summation Notation
11.2 Arithmetic Sequences
11.3 Geometric Sequences and Series
Mid-Chapter Check Point
11.4 The Binomial Theorem

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Language: English
ISBN-10: 0134178947
ISBN-13: 978-0134178943
ISBN-13: 9780134178943

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