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International Economics, 16e continues to combine rigorous economic analysis with attention to the issues of economic policy that are alive and important today in this field. Written in a concise and readable format, Pugel uses economic terminology when enhancing the analysis so that the reader can build their understanding of global economic developments and evaluate proposals for changes in economic policies. The text is informed by current events and includes the latest in applied international research, all the time avoiding jargon for jargon’s sake. Like earlier editions, Pugel also places international economics events within a historical framework. The overall treatment continues to be intuitive rather than mathematical and is strongly oriented towards policy.

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International Economics 16th edition by Pugel Test Bank

International Economics 16th edition by Pugel Test Bank

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Table of content:

Chapter 1: International Economics Is Different
Part I: The Theory of International Trade
Chapter 2: The Basic Theory Using Demand and Supply
Chapter 3: Why Everybody Trades: Comparative Advantage
Chapter 4: Trade: Factor Availability and Factor Proportions Are Key
Chapter 5: Who Gains and Who Loses from Trade?
Chapter 6: Scale Economies, Imperfect Competition, and Trade
Chapter 7: Growth and Trade
Part II: Trade Policy
Chapter 8: Analysis of a Tariff
Chapter 9: Nontariff Barriers to Imports
Chapter 10: Arguments For and Against Protection
Chapter 11: Pushing Exports
Chapter 12: Trade Blocs and Trade Blocks
Chapter 13: . Trade and the Environment
Chapter 14: Trade Policies for Developing Countries
Chapter 15: Multinationals and Migration: International Factor Movements
Part III: Understanding Foreign Exchange
Chapter 16: Payments Among Nations
Chapter 17: The Foreign Exchange Market
Chapter 18: Forward Exchange and International Financial Investment
Chapter 19: What Determines Exchange Rates?
Chapter 20: Government Policies Toward the Foreign Exchange Market
Chapter 21: International Lending and Financial Crises
Part IV: Macro Policies for Open Economies
Chapter 22: How Does the Open Macroeconomy Work?
Chapter 23: Internal and External Balance with Fixed Exchange Rates
Chapter 24: Floating Exchange Rates and Internal Balance
Chapter 25: National and Global Choices: Floating Rates and the Alternatives

Product Details:

Language: English
ISBN-10: 0078021774
ISBN-13: 978-0078021770
ISBN-13: 9780078021770

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