International Economics 6th edition by Gerber Test Bank

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International Economics uses a rich array of case studies to illuminate economic institutions and policies as well as recent developments in the global economy—without readers having to rely on a prerequisite knowledge of higher-level math. Further, the book’s flexible approach—with self-contained chapters and comprehensive coverage—allows instructors to adapt the text easily to a wide range of syllabi.

International Economics 6th edition by Gerber Test Bank

International Economics 6th edition by Gerber Test Bank

The sixth edition preserves the organization and coverage of the fifth edition and adds a number of updates and enhancements. All tables and graphs have been updated and every chapter begins with a list of student learning outcomes. Chapter 13, The United States in the World Economy, is heavily revised and refocused towards U.S. international economic relations, including NAFTA, but adds material on other trade agreements, including a new case study on preferential agreements such as the African Growth and Opportunity Act.

Table of content:

1. The United States in a Global Economy.
2. International Economic Institutions since World War II.
3. Comparative Advantages and the Gains from Trade.
4. Modern Trade Theory.
5. The Theory of Tariffs.
6. Tariff Policy.
7. Industrial Policies and Comparative Advantage.
8. Trade and Balance of Payments.
9. Exchange Rate and Exchange Rate Systems.
10. Regionalism and Deep Integration.
11. The U.S. and Japan: Deepening Ties between Two Systems.
12. The North American Free Trade Area.
13. The European Union: Many Markets into One.
14. Trade and Policy Reform in Latin America.
15. Export Oriented Growth in East Asia.
16. Economic Integration and the Collapse of Communism.

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Language: English
ISBN-10: 0132948915
ISBN-13: 978-0132948913
ISBN-13: 9780132948913

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