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Wild, Managerial Accounting responds to the market’s need for an integrated solution with balanced managerial content that has a corporate approach throughout. Its innovation is reflected in its extensive use of small business examples, the integration of new technology learning tools, superior end-of-chapter material, and a highly engaging, pedagogical design. McGraw-Hill Education's complete digital solution, Connect, provides students every advantage as they strive to understand the key concepts of managerial accounting and its role in business. [caption id="attachment_12076" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Managerial Accounting 5th edition by Wild and Professor Solution Manual Managerial Accounting 5th edition by Wild and Professor Solution Manual[/caption] Wild, Managerial Accounting can be used in partnership with Wild, Financial Accounting Fundamentals (FAF) for the introductory financial accounting course preceding the managerial course in a two-course sequence. Wild, FAFprovides an integrated solution that uses the same pedagogy and framework as Wild, Managerial AccountingConnect Accounting provides a complete digital solution with a robust online learning and homework management system, an integrated media-rich eBook, assignable end-of-chapter material, algorithmic functionality, and reporting capabilities. Contained within Connect Accounting is an adaptive learning system, LearnSmart, which is designed to help students learn faster, study more efficiently, and retain more knowledge for greater success. In addition, Interactive Presentations deliver learning objectives in an interactive environment, giving students access to course-critical content anytime, anywhere. Guided Examples provide students with narrated and animated, step-by-step walkthroughs of algorithmic versions of assigned exercises.

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Chapter 1 Managerial Accounting Concepts and Principles Chapter 2 Job Order Costing and Analysis Chapter 3 Process Costing and Analysis Chapter 4 Activity-Based Costing and Analysis Chapter 5 Cost Behavior and Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis Chapter 6 Variable Costing and Analysis Chapter 7 Master Budgets and Performance Planning Chapte 8 Flexible Budgets and Standard Costs Chapte 9 Performance Measurement and Responsibility Accounting Chapter 10 Relevant Costing for Managerial Decisions Chapter 11 Capital Budgeting and Investment Analysis Chapter 12 Reporting and Cash Flows Chapter 13 Analysis of Financial Statements A Financial Statement Information B Time Value of Money C Accounting for Business Transactions: A Review D Accounting for Partnerships

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Language: English ISBN-10: 1259176495 ISBN-13: 978-1259176494 ISBN-13: 9781259176494 See more:

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